Diabetics can suffer from a variety of common foot conditions, but the difference is that for them, those foot problems can turn into serious issues.Diabetes

These conditions can become more problematic due to two issues specifically related to diabetic feet:

  1. Diabetic neuropathy: If you do not have control over your diabetes and have too much glucose in your blood for an extended period of time, nerve damage is highly possible. If you damage the nerves in your feet and legs, you’re not going to feel much of anything. Some people think it would be nice not to feel pain, but then you don’t know when you’re hurt. Too many diabetics will injure their feet but have no idea they hurt themselves. If the injury goes unnoticed too long, the wound can become infected. Serious infections or tissue death may be beyond medical repair, requiring amputation to save the patient’s life.
  2. Peripheral vascular disease: This is a circulation disorder that affects blood vessels away from the heart. Its signature is poor circulation in the arms and legs. Fatty deposits build up in the inner linings of the artery walls of the legs and hinder blood flow. When diabetics have poor blood flow, any wounds or injuries they have on their feet will have trouble healing. Even when a person finds the injury and takes the appropriate steps to have it treated, the process can be very slow. 

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