From preventative care to shoe choices to the latest treatments, our blog articles focus on the information our patients can use to live their best lives while managing or eliminating many foot and ankle conditions.

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  • 4 Tips for Military Foot-Care If you serve in the military, proper foot care can make a big difference between being fully ready for duty or just outright miserable. Total Foot and Ankle has some tips.
  • Laser Therapy Recovery Times Laser therapy at Total Foot and Ankle can accelerate recovery for sports injuries and other trauma. If you need to get on your feet faster, this may help.
  • Some Tips on Fall Prevention As we age, our bodies become weaker and the risk of injury from falling becomes greater. In order to prevent such devastating falls, balance and proper foot care become extremely important. Read our blog to find out what you can do to prevent falls.
  • Why You Should See a Podiatrist Is a podiatrist really necessary to go to when you have a foot and ankle problem? Only if you want the best, most experienced care! Dr. Scott Shields of Total Foot and Ankle discusses why you want to see a podiatrist.

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