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  • The Difference Between a Sprain and a Broken Bone Want to know the difference between a sprain and a fracture? Total Foot and Ankle has some tips, as well as treatment when you need it.
  • Toe Fractures Can Be More Serious Than You Think If you though toe fractures weren’t a “big deal,” think again! A simple broken toe can wreak havoc not only in your feet but other areas of your body, too. Fortunately, you can count on Dr. Scott Shields to get your feet – and your toes – back on track.
  • Know What to Do About Stress Fractures Chronic, aching pain in your feet that doesn’t seem to ever go away, and gets worse after activity? You may be suffering from stress fractures. Get the lowdown on this condition and what you can do about it.
  • Breaking Down Foot and Ankle Fractures Not all foot and ankle fractures are the same. Learn more about this painful sports injury and the best first response to it from the experts at Total Foot and Ankle.

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